The historically low mortgage rates led to a seller’s market. Some pundits say that it will end this year, but we have found out that there was a flaw to this forecast because it remains a seller’s market

Does this mean that you will have better chances of selling your house? Yes, it does. However, you still need to put in some work into your property to get an excellent deal.

If you do not have the energy or time to overhaul your house, you should sell your house to a cash home buyer. Cash home buyers can purchase your property without you having to make repairs or renovations. Selling to cash home buyers is a hassle-free transaction and many entities offer this. 

It may sound too good to be true. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of this process, keep reading this article. We will tackle some of the things you need to do before making a transaction with them.

Is This Legit?

You might doubt the legitimacy of the cash home buyers, which is a valid question. However, many credible companies offer cash for your property.  

The process is also legal and is almost similar to the standard foreclosure process. You can find it in every state’s housing law. Some states require you to have a realtor as the middleman, but some do not.

Check Their BBB Rating 

It is also essential to check their BBB rating because many fly-by-night companies are there. BBB is a highly credible organization that sets the standards and empowers consumers to buy with confidence.  

Please note that most of the reliable companies are accredited with the BBB. They are transparent with the process and will not pull the wool over your eyes. 

Depending on the location of your house, you might be able to sell it within days. In other situations, it could take up to two months. Sometimes, you might have to wait for several months because of the high demand for houses. It is not good to wait for a buyer to come because it is not a stable situation.

If you want to dispose of your property quickly, you should contact a cash home buyer instead of waiting for a buyer. Many have had good experiences with these vendors. If you have any questions or requests, you can contact them anytime.  

You should review the complaints filed against that company. If there are many, you should think ten times before proceeding.   

Ask for Proof of Funds and EMD

Seasoned real estate brokers suggest that you ask for proof of funds and make an earnest money deposit (EMD) from cash home buyers. Doing this would help protect you in case anything unfortunate happens. They will also give you the documents that verify the details of their offer.

A cash home buyer will buy your house within days. If you are in a hurry to sell your house, this option could be a game-changer.


Cash for your house might be the best option if you are tired of waiting for a buyer. Many people use this approach due to their urgency to sell their houses. It is a hassle-free transaction done in a few days; it will not even take a month. However, you have to choose a cash home buyer with a decent rating and compliant with the law.

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