Some homes remain on the market for months or even years before finding the appropriate buyer. While this can be an issue on your end, some things are within your control. Setting a reasonable price and getting a home inspection should be on top of your priority list, but there are other reasons your small home isn’t making it big in the market.

1. Location

A property’s location will affect its demand. A place on a busy street with little traffic will sell much faster than a property in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac. On the other hand, a house in an area that is still developing might prove much more challenging to sell in than one close to the downtown area. House buyers are all looking for different things, so, sometimes, a property that one person finds appealing might be another’s worst nightmare.

2. Market

As the real estate market rises, property values go up. If there is no demand, or if the market is oversaturated, then homes will not sell quickly or not at all. The real estate market is a good indicator of the demand for specific properties. 

3. Renovation

A home listed as a “fixer-upper” or “as is” isn’t going to sell as quickly as one for sale because the buyer does not have to spend the money or effort on remodeling immediately after completing the purchase. Even if a buyer can envision their own home in that space, they might want to wait until they have the time and resources to do the necessary remodeling to their own home.

4. Condition

When you’re selling a house, buyers may look to modify it before moving in. Whether adding a swimming pool or renovating the kitchen, this is a reality of house selling. If the house needs a lot of work, it might not sell at all or not for the asking price.

5. Neighborhood

Like other things in life, first impressions are essential with houses. If a person is walking around a neighborhood that looks unkept, the house might appear even worse. On the contrary, a house in a well-kept neighborhood will likely make a good first impression, even if it’s a bit smaller.

Recommendations to Help Sell a Small Home

Though you won’t have much control over the variables above, you can still make your small home more appealing in your own way.

  • Provide Proper Lighting: The right lighting will make a property look larger, as well as make it appear more approachable. It’s easier to make an offer on a house when it looks inviting. Being able to see the features of the house will also help the buyer envision their own home there.
  • Remove Unwanted Stuff: Clutter is a real turn-off for most people. Even if the house is large and the clutter isn’t actually in the way, it still makes a house look smaller. If a house needs decluttering, it’s worth it to sell it sooner rather than later.
  • Provide Benefits of a Small Home: A smaller home simply might not have enough space for a given buyer. It doesn’t mean they don’t want a home, though. By providing added benefits like a small backyard or a small garage, prospective buyers can find the must-have items that they want in a home.
  • Oversee Your Repairs: Smaller homes are less expensive than larger ones, so, if it’s in the budget, providing basic repairs can be a huge help. This includes things like painting the walls, repairing the roof, or doing minor kitchen renovations. These changes will increase the property value, as well as make it more appealing to buyers.
  • Focus on the Exterior: If a home is in a beautiful location, it might not matter if it’s smaller than the average home. Point out the benefits that come with a smaller home, like having a smaller yard to maintain or being able to walk to the downtown area easily.


Selling a home can be a daunting process, which is why it’s important for sellers to understand that location, market, and condition can play a major role in the sale of the property. By understanding the factors that can influence selling a house, home owners can make the necessary changes to decrease the amount of time it takes for their house to sell.

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