Properties are quite difficult to sell on the market for a number of issues. Usually, they may not be in good or proper condition, while others are just not properly marketed either. Stigmatized homes can also be quite a difficult problem if you are considering selling your property, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

This is because stigmas can already cause prejudice towards other people, which can lead homebuyers to be skeptical about purchasing the property. In those cases, it might be better to seek house buying services who can take the property off your hands. 

Let’s look at six common stigmas that home sellers should be aware of if they are selling your property:

1) Infamous Murders

An infamous murder can make just about any house a little difficult to sell. For example, if a murder has taken place on the property in the recent past, potential buyers will be put off it and will look somewhere else. It will be difficult to know how the property will sell as potential buyers will want as much information as possible regarding the murder too.

2) Crime Sites

If a crime has been committed at your property, it will be inevitably tough to sell it. Potential buyers will be put off and will look elsewhere. The home’s value will decrease as the crime rate is already high, and the home will be associated with it. Not only that, but it will lower the value of other homes in the area as well.

3) TV and Movie Features

If a property is featured on TV or in a movie, it may be difficult to sell. The property will have increased publicity, but unfortunately, it is not always positive. In addition, there will be many people that will know about the house. The home may be featured in the production, but if it is not packaged well, it may not sell.

4) Haunted Houses

Some people may be a bit superstitious and may not want to live in a haunted house. Potential buyers will be looking elsewhere as they are put off by the idea of ghosts in the house. Especially with apparent paranormal activity, many will steer clear of the listing.

5) Local Reputation

If a property or you as an owner has a bad reputation locally, it is not going to be easy to sell. Those who are looking for a new property will not want to be associated with it, especially when it is located in a more hidden area. It is going to be difficult to shift due to the property’s history.

6) Debtors

If a property is owned by a debtor, there will be problems when trying to sell it. Some might be put off by having to shoulder the debts. Additionally, there will be creditors who will look for the debtor, which will be very problematic in situations where you want to sell your home fast.


Selling your property is indeed a stressful process to go through. Many buyers out there will be willing to buy and purchase your property. As long as you are aware of the stigmas mentioned above, you should be able to sell your property as quickly as possible.

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