If you’ve never sold a house before, you may be surprised at how time-consuming and emotionally draining the process can be. When selling a house for the first time, it’s easy to make many mistakes because you don’t have any expertise and you’re dealing with a complicated and emotional transaction.

On the other hand, if you have some prior knowledge about selling a home, you can steer clear of many of these problems. When you’re considering selling your house, it’s important to remember that there are things that you have to take care of yourself, as well as things that a real estate agent can handle. 

Below you will find a breakdown of five of the most important things to know  before selling your house.

1. Identify How Much Profit You Will Make 

One of the things you should do first during the home selling process is  determine how much you will make from your investment accurately. If you want to sell for a specific price, you’ll want to ensure it’s worth that much. It’s essential to do a valuation of your home before you put it on the market so you can be sure that it’s worth the price you want to ask. 

2. Understand the Difference between Net Proceeds and Profit

Net proceeds are simply the amount of money you get after selling your house. This can be confusing because it will be less than your profit. Your net proceeds will include all the costs associated with selling your home, such as real estate agent fees, taxes, and fees to get the property ready for sale.

Profit, on the other hand, represents what you receive once you’ve paid all your expenses. Ideally, you want to sell your house for more than it’s worthwhile and receive the highest possible net proceeds.

3. Estimate the Net Proceeds

You can use online tools to estimate how much your home is worth. Alternatively, you can also use the real estate value estimator provided by your local government. With it, you’ll then want to subtract the cost of selling your house and any other expenses you may have to pay. However, if you wish for the highest net proceeds, you should add some allowance for repairs.

Your net proceeds will depend on the price you set for your house. If you’re hoping to make a good profit, you can charge a higher fee. 

4. Know the Costs You Will Need to Pay

 When you sell your home,  you’ll pay commissions to your realtor, taxes, property transfer fees, closing costs, the cost of getting the house ready for sale, and other expenses. You must ensure you know all the charges you must pay to budget for them. Factoring in the different overhead costs you need to pay for to get the house ready for sale ensures you’re netting a positive gain.

5. Average Research Days on the Market

There is no single number that represents how long it will take for you  to sell your house. If you’re looking for some kind of benchmark, you can try researching the average days on the market for homes in your area or compare your property to listings that recently sold or are currently on the market.


The home selling process  will be slightly different for everyone. Preparing and ensuring you take care of the necessary details yourself is essential. Conducting your research will help you to avoid mistakes and will also help you to understand the process better. 

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