Greenlight Offer is looking for new talent! We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are ready to work with a fast growing aquisition company in Houston!

WHY Work with us?

We Are The Best In Houston!

As a new aquisition company, we are looking for an energetic, personable new employees who are ready to grow with us both as a company and as a person. We provide a lot of oppurtunities for change and advancement in our company. Our positions offer different skillsets and bonus challenges.


Working together as a team is a top priority here at Greenlight Offer. We want individuals who are able to work as a team and provide excellent communication so that we can grow both as people and as a company.


As a new company, we want someone who stays with us for the long haul. The ideal employee would be someone who can grow with us as a company and willing to adapt to any changes or new ideas within Greenlight Offer.


We want to provide similar oppurtunities, experiences, and advancements to all of our employees here at Greenlight Offer. The team will guide and teach you everything we know so that you can succeed.


Greenlight Offer’s Core


We believe that ALL of our employees should demonstrate honesty in the workplace and be a fair person.


Everyone at our company should treat each other equally an the way you would want to be treated as a person.


Being thankful for oppurtunities that are given to you and appreciating any advice others have given to you.


Always striving to do your best work and wanting to do more than the task that you are assigned to do.


Knowing the difference of what is right and what is wrong, while also being a respectful citizen to others around you.


Always putting the extra 10% while working and have a passion for working as an employee for Greenlight Offer.